Drive-By Truckers perform political anthem “Surrender Under Protest” on Colbert — watch

Southern rockers take their beef with the Confederate flag to late night

Photo by Danny Clinch

Just as supporters of President-elect Donald Trump have begun rallying around the Confederate flag in a scary display of solidarity, Drive-By Truckers took to the late night stage with a political display of their own.

Last night, surrounded by the colors of the American flag, the group performed their new single “Surrender Under Protest” on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Inspired by civil rights activists’ campaign to remove the Confederate flag from the South Carolina Statehouse after a white supremacist murdered nine African Americans at a church last year, the song is a timely reminder that not all traditions are worth fighting for.

“Surrender Under Protest” appears on Drive-By Truckers’ latest album, American Band. Read our recent interview with the group’s Patterson Hood, in which he discusses the intersection of politics, music, and race.


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