Everything’s OK, because Run the Jewels just dropped their new song “2100” — listen

"its about fear and its about love and its about wanting more for all of us"

As America begins to digest its very real future with Donald Trump at the helm, Run the Jewels have let loose a new song “for everyone who is hurting or scared right now.” The politically vocal duo weren’t planning to release the song — titled “2100” — so soon, “but… well it feels right, now.” It’s “about fear and it’s about love and it’s about wanting more for all of us,” they explained of the Boots-featuring cut in an accompanying note. Listen in below.

Run the Jewels are set to release a new album in the not too distant future. “Talk to Me” serves as the lead single; it remains to be seen whether “2100” will also appear on the tracklist.


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