Father John Misty shares political ballad “Holy Hell” — listen

He denounces the right's rhetoric, insists that we the people have the power to enact change

Photo by Ben Kaye

Photo by Ben Kaye

Like most of America, Father John Misty has been left pretty shaken up by the political shitstorm that is The Donald. Earlier this month, the singer-songwriter vented by covering Tim Heidecker’s “Trump’s Pilot”, a song which imagined the crashing of the bigoted businessman’s plane. Now, J. Tillman returns with more pointed commentary in the form of piano ballad “Holy Hell”.

“Holy hell, damn, the future ain’t looking so bright,” he opens, his words almost as bleak as the mournful piano that accompanies them. He then evokes Trump’s baseless, fear-mongering tactics, singing, “This unfathomable, nameless rift/ Who knows if it even exists/ It’s just some highly effective rhetoric/ Used by perverts who get off on it.”

Though all seems doomed in Father John Misty’s vision of the world, he does provide a glimmer of hope — or rather, something of a call to action. He insists that the power to enact change is in our hands: “But all my friends/ Yeah, I’m talking to you,” he closes, “The world won’t end unless we want it to… And it’s our life to choose.”

Stream it below.


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