Green Day chant “No Trump/ No KKK/ No fascist USA!” during AMAs performance — watch

Awaiting Donald Trump Twitter response in three... two... one...

Photo by Marthe Vroegop

Green Day have never been shy in expressing their political views. Their latest act of rebellion came during tonight’s AMAs, as the band turned their performance of “Bang Bang” into an all-out protest against President-elect Donald Trump. Mid-way through the fiery rendition, Billie Joe Armstrong led the crowd in chanting “No Trump/ No KKK/ No fascist USA!” Repurposing lyrics from the song “Born to Die” by Austin punk band MDC, the chant has become a popular rallying cry at recent student protests against Trump. Replay Green Day’s performance below, and expect an angry tweet from Trump sometime early tomorrow morning.

The performance came in support of American democracy as well as Green Day’s new album, Revolution Radio.


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