Green Day find a reason to carry on in video for “Still Breathing” — watch

Stark visuals for the latest single off Revolution Radio

Getting through the daily slog can be tough, whether you’re a farmer, a kid alone in the city, or the greatest pop punk band of all time. But as Green Day sing on their Revolution Radio single “Still Breathing”, it’s all about keeping your head “above the rain and roses/ Making my way away.” The video for the song finds frontman Billie Joe Armstrong trying to do just that as he wanders lonely through a stark city while a hunter contemplates his shotgun and a woman in white walks towards the edge of a cliff. Each is searching for a reason to carry on, and despite the loneliness, redemption is just a choice away.

Watch the clip above. For more Green Day, check out Collin Brennan’s recent Punk as Funk installment, “In Defense of Green Day”, or our ranking of each of the band’s albums from worst to best.


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