HAIM return to their high school to thank their favorite teacher — watch

A heartwarming video to remind you that there's still good in this world

Some 15 years ago, my junior high English teacher told me to never stop learning. It was a very teacher-y thing to say, no doubt, but she made sure to explain that access to knowledge can be found well beyond the walls of a classroom. Ms. Johnson was someone who traveled every chance she got, picked the brains of strangers she encountered, and brought back her colorful experiences. I imagine she’s passed on by now, but if I could, I’d thank her for telling me that there was a world out there so worth exploring, so worth engaging with.

HAIM sisters Este, Danielle and Alana recently had the opportunity to do just that — return to their high school to stage a surprise “Thank you!” to a teacher that impacted their lives greatly. A collaboration with California Lottery and their Back to the Start series, the meet-up was as heartwarming as can be, with both HAIM and Mr. Freedman of Los Angeles County High School for the Arts totally aglow and overwhelmed with emotion. It’s evident their bond is deep and significant.

“I remember him starting some of the lessons with us listening to music,” the siblings recall. “He got us all newspapers, and we’d talk about current events. He would always bring it back to history, and really opened our eyes to what was going on in the world.”

Check out video of their meet-up up below. With hate being so prevalent today, we could all use a sweet pick-me-up like this.


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