John Wick’s Chad Stahelski to direct Highlander reboot

There can be only one

The guys behind John Wick have garnered such favor in Hollywood that they’ve now each been given their own franchise to helm. Just a few days ago, David Leitch was tapped to direct Deadpool 2 for Fox; today, it’s been revealed that his co-director, Chad Stahelski, has signed on for Lionsgate’s reboot of Highlander.

“I’ve been a huge fan of the original property since I saw it in high school,” Stahelski told The Hollywood Reporter. “Such great themes of immortality, love, and identity are all wrapped up in such colorful mythology. I can’t think of a better property that gives the opportunity to create interesting characters, mythic themes and action set pieces.”

Released in 1986, the original Highlander starred Christopher Lambert, Sean Connery, and Clancy Brown as members of a race of immortal warriors who gain the power and knowledge of others of their kind by decapitating them. Though minimally successful upon its release, the film went on to achieve cult status and launched Lambert’s career. It also spawned four sequels and three TV series.

Lionsgate has been trying to bring back the franchise since its subsidiary Summit acquired the rights eight years ago. At various times, Justin Lin, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, and Cedric Nicolas-Troyan have all been attached to director. But as the slogan goes, there can be only one, and that one is Stahelski.


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