Jukebox the Ghost share new live track “Keys in the Car” — listen

From the indie pop trio's Kickstarter-backed live album

Photo by Cortney Armitage

When you’ve played more than 800 shows across the globe and released four full-length albums over the course of the last decade, you’ve pretty much earned the right to do whatever the hell you want. But a sense of entitlement wasn’t why indie pop trio Jukebox the Ghost started a Kickstarter campaign to help fund their forthcoming live album. These guys simply wanted their fans to hear their music as it was always meant to be heard — live, spontaneous, bolstered by the energy of the crowd rather than the bells and whistles of the studio. The Kickstarter more than tripled its goal, and backers will receive the long-awaited live album within the next two weeks. Everyone else will be able to buy the album digitally on December 2nd.

That’s all fine and good, but the wait for material from the record is actually over right now, with the exclusive premiere of the band’s live track “Keys in the Car”. The driving, piano-led single happens to be the only new song on the entire album, but its vibe is vintage Jukebox the Ghost. As the band explains, “Some songs have to be realized in the studio and then reinterpreted to work on the stage — this song was the other way around. The live arrangement came together so quickly and was so fun to play that we went ahead and played it on the whole tour. The question is what to do now in the studio… but, luckily, we love the way this song came out on the live record.”

Check out “Keys in the Car” below.


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