KAMI encourages us to band together to bring about change on new song “Foundation” — listen

Taken from the Savemoney member's forthcoming solo album

With Donald Trump threatening to take the White House, and racially-motivated police shootings becoming all too familiar, it’s often hard to believe a world of peace and equality is even within the realm of possibility. With his new song “Foundation”, Savemoney member KAMI reminds us this week that it is indeed attainable — but only if we work together.

Though the Chicago MC finds bleakness in his surroundings (“The world we live in turning into a cemetery”), he notes that change can happen when brought about by a collective strength — his mindset similar to Hillary Clinton’s “it takes a village” motto. “I stack a brick atop a brick to build a brick house,” he continues, his voice cracking in instances of both urgency and excitement.

“This song really just acknowledges the idea that nothing was built without a conversation of ‘we’ or us,'” Kami tells FADER. The cut, which features hints of his past synth projects, was produced by Knox Fortune, who previously worked on Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book and Joey Purp’s iiiDrops mixtape.

Stream it below.

“Foundation” is taken from an upcoming solo album. For more, revisit “Home Movies”, his previous single whose video featured fellow Savemoney mates in Purp and Vic Mensa.


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