Kate Bush, Sigur Rós, and Cloud Nothings Top Our Top Songs of the Week (11/25)

Those in a post-Thanksgiving food coma can use this batch of new songs as a wakeup

Kanye West is going through some things right now. While Snoop Dogg’s response seemed entertaining at first, now that Ye’s been hospitalized, cracking jokes seems in bad taste. So, instead, we’ll simply wish him well and send positive thoughts. When we’ve gone through some hard times, music can be a big help, uplifting from the darkness, or even just helping understand it. In case anyone else out there is having a difficult time, the power of music is here to help.


10. Stove – “Blank”


Stove are ready to return with yet another release in 2016, but this one seems to delve somewhere darker. Is the Meat That Fell Out, their upcoming EP due December 9th via Exploding In Sound, comes hand in hand with “Blank”, a song that’s dull but still pointed with despondency in tow. Drummer Jordyn Blakely and bassist Alex Molini take the songwriting reigns and steer Stove into a grimier light. It’s the type of downer indie rock that makes Pedro the Lion so easy to love, calling upon some suppressed self-loathing but looking to rounded guitars to balance it out. In that, “Blank” is another brick in Stove’s path, but thanks to the rhythm section’s new take, it feels like a progression forward into darkening fog the band has been primed to explore. –Nina Corcoran



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