Killer Mike tells black voters to “stay the fuck home” if political promises aren’t made

"Get something for your vote or stop complaining and accept your role as a 2nd Class citizen once and for all

Photo by Philip Cosores

Killer Mike has been extremely vocal during this election season, mostly as a proponent for Bernie Sanders. Now that his candidate is long out of the race, however, the Run the Jewels rapper isn’t so hyped on the political process. In fact, he’s urging black votes to “stay the fuck home” unless politicians meet certain policy demands.

In a list posted on Instagram, Killer Mike called for weed decriminalization, the right for felons to enter the legal marijuana business, jobs creation, and “federal prosecution of killer cops.” “Black Voters in states like Georgia this is your chance to MAKE A DEMAND and have it met!” the Atlanta rapper wrote in the post. “Don’t remain a pasty and pet simply doing what u are told. Get something for your vote or stop complaining and accept your role as a [2nd] Class citizen once and for all.”

However, the post included the hashtags #VoteLocalifUMust and #IamVotingLocal, so it’s not as if he’s really suggesting African American voters abstain from casting ballots. In a subsequent video post, he clarified the previous post, emphasizing that local elections are just as important as the presidential one. “Get out and vote. I’m just saying when you vote, ask for something back.”

Watch the video below, and vote this Tuesday, November 8th.



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