Lush tap Modern English’s Michael Conroy as replacement bassist for final reunion show

Longtime bassist Phil King left the band earlier this month

Last month, Lush announced that longtime bassist Phil King would be leaving the band. The departure forced the shoegaze legends to cancel a few of their shows, including an Iceland Airwaves appearance, while they searched for a replacement.

Now, it seems Lush have found a new bassist, and just in time for the closing date of their reunion tour, November 25th at the Academy in Manchester. According to a message posted to their Twitter page, they’ve tapped Modern English’s Michael Conroy. “Michael playing with Lush has a special significance for us as he was a very close friend of Chris’s,” they write, referring to Lush’s original drummer Chris Acland, who passed away in 1996.

Along with the replacement news, the message also sees Lush bidding farewell to their fans as their reunion officially comes to an end. The London natives reconvened in 2015 after a two-decade hiatus as well as released an EP called Blind Spot, their first piece of new material since 1996. “It’s been wonderful to revisit our old music and to create new material,” Lush continue, “However it is now time for us to return to our families and homes.”

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