Meet Boddah in the trailer for the graphic novel Who Killed Kurt Cobain? — watch

Nicolas Otero explores Cobain's life and death from the perspective of his imaginary friend

Over two decades later, there’s the specter of unanswered questions surrounding the death of Kurt Cobain. The Nirvana frontman’s suicide has been the subject of numerous conspiracy theories and re-examinations, all asking the question of what really happened — and why. It’s a topic comic book artist Nicolas Otero explores from an inventive and fascinating perspective in his new graphic novel, Who Killed Kurt Cobain?.

Out via IDW, the work looks back at Cobain’s life from the perspective of his imaginary friend, Boddah, to whom the rock icon addressed his suicide note. “Kurt took me everywhere,” read the opening lines. “Through his romances, to L.A., into his veins, on tour, into his intestines, to Japan, into his silent screams. To Sydney, into the images his mind projected against the wall. Everywhere.”

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Who Killed Kurt Cobain? tells the tale of one of rock’s greatest and most tragic figures in a wholly original way. Above, watch a trailer for the graphic novel that introduces you to the narrator himself, Boddah.


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