Moby & the Void Pacific Choir bring their freaky deaky cult to Conan — watch

The Little Idiot performs a rousing rendition of "Are You Lost In The World Like Me?"

Moby returned to Conan on Wednesday night in support of his latest album, These Systems Are Failing. With him was his new band The Void Pacific Choir, who were also surrounded by a cult of animal mask-wearing creepies decked out in white drapes. Together, they brought to life the album’s lead single, “Are You Lost In The World Like Me?”.

Shortly after, an enthusiastic Conan O’Brien walked over to Moby, thanking him for returning while also acknowledging their outfits by joking: “I wanted to come over with red wine and spill it.” Given his wild sense of humor, Moby likely would have had a ball with the gag, but that one person in the pug mask lurking in the background? Yikes. Probably not.

Watch above. These Systems Are Failing is currently available now via Mute. Revisit our recent interview with Moby in which he discusses his new memoir Porcelain and shares a few stories of squatting in a factory and making love on the dance floor. It’s a good one.


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