Pissed Jeans announce new album, Why Love Now, share “The Bar is Low” — listen

Sub Pop punk band returns in February

Photo by Ebru Yildiz

On February 24th, Pissed Jeans will return with a new album called Why Love Now. Due out via Sub Pop, the 12-track effort follows Honeys, one of 2013’s best LPs, and serves as the punk outfit’s fifth to date. It was recorded in Philadelphia with producer Lydia Lunch, famed No Wave singer/poet, and local metal legend Arthur Rizk (Eternal Champion, Goat Semen).

According to a press statement, Why Love Now finds Pissed Jeans “taking aim at the mundane discomforts of modern life — from fetish webcams to office-supply deliveries.” Cuts like “Worldwide Marine Asset Financial Analyst” turn run-of-the-mill job titles into fierce anthems, while others such as “Have You Ever Been Furniture” successfully wave “a flag for those whose job descriptions might as well be summed up by “professionally underappreciated.”

To preview the upcoming album, Pissed Jeans have unveiled “The Bar is Low”, a growling lead single which, according to frontman Matt Korvette, is “about how every guy seems to be revealing themselves as a shithead.” Well, ain’t that the truth.

Stream the track below.

Why Love Now Tracklist:
01. Waiting On My Horrible Warning
02. The Bar is Low
03. Ingorecam
04. Cold Whip Cream
05. Love Without Emotion
06. I’m a Man
07. (Won’t Tell You) My Sign
08. It’s Your Knees
09. Worldwide Marine Asset Financial Analyst
10. Have You Ever Been Furniture
11. Activia
12. Not Even Married


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