Princess Beatrice accidentally slashed Ed Sheeran with a sword

Daughter of Prince Andrew was performing a faux knighting ceremony for James Blunt

Here’s a story that could only happen in 2016: Ed Sheeran was nearly decapitated during a faux knighting ceremony carried out by Princess Beatrice.

According to the Sun, Sheeran was one of several party-goers in attendance for a dinner at the Royal Lodge in Windsor, the home of Beatrice’s father, Prince Andrew (the brother of Prince Charles). Singer-songwriter James Blunt was also in attendance and “joked” about his desire to be knighted. This prompted Princess Beatrice to pick up a sword. But when she swung the sword backwards, she accidentally struck Sheeran in the face.

Sheeran sustained a cut on his cheek and was taken to a local hospital for stitches. He eventually returned to the party and proudly showed off the scar in photos with fans taken the subsequent evening.

Like I said, a story that could only happen in 2016.


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