Royal Teeth let go of uncertainty on driving new track “Only You” — listen

A muscular indie pop anthem about knowing when to jump ship

We live in an uncertain world, and never has that basic fact resonated more profoundly than in the last several days. But even in all that wildness and insecurity, there are things that can center and uplift us — things like the effervescent indie pop of Louisiana quartet Royal Teeth, whose forthcoming Amateurs EP embraces possibility without ever sounding too head-in-the-clouds dreamy. Royal Teeth ground their soaring pop anthems with a bit of heavy muscle, and their new track “Only You” is a prime example of this pleasantly balanced approach.

“The driving guitar line inspired the more aggressive tone for ‘Only You’,” explains lead vocalist Nora Patterson, and it’s easy to hear that aggression in lyrics that talk about shedding baggage and moving on from a toxic relationship. “It’s about letting go of uncertainties and escaping whatever is trying to bring you down,” Patterson adds, and that should be something we can all relate to.

Royal Teeth’s Amateurs EP drops November 18th via Round Hill Records. Pre-order the EP here, and Listen in to “Only You” below.

Royal Teeth just wrapped up the first half of their tour with Rooney. Round two kicks off in December following a pair of headlining EP release shows later this month. Check out their full itinerary here.


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