Stream: Andrew Bird’s new EP Are We Not Burning? The Devolution of Capsized

Featuring five unique takes on Are You Serious single "Capsized"

Photo by Nina Corcoran

Andrew Bird returned earlier this year with his latest album, Are You Serious. In addition to the original full-length, the singer-songwriter offered fans a deluxe box set edition which came packaged with an exclusive 10-inch featuring four previously unheard tracks. Now, that 10-inch, titled Are We Not Burning? The Devolution of Capsized, has been made available digitally via Spotify.

As a press release notes, Are We Not Burning? includes “features five unique takes” of Are You Serious single “Capsized”, each one tracing a different stage in the track’s development. It also comes with commentary from Bird about each rendition’s creative process.

“I think the reason it [‘Capsized’] has this staying power, there are just a few songs in your lifetime that can do this, where you can play them every night and it doesn’t feel like you’re being penned in by the music,” Bird previously explained to NPR’s All Songs Considered. “It changes because you feel different as a person from one hour to the next throughout the day and it’s rare to have a song that can change with you. Sometimes certain things come out of me that I don’t expect and it just adapts to how I feel. And that’s how I felt at that moment.”

Stream the entirety of Are We Not Burning? below.

Are We Not Burning? The Devolution of Capsized Tracklist:
01. Andrew Bird Commentary #1
02. Trimmed and Burning
(Live at The Orange Peel, Asheville, NC; September 12, 2007)
03. Andrew Bird Commentary #2
04. Venetian Bedmaker
(January 11, 2011)
05. Andrew Bird Commentary #3
06. Dying Beds
(Live with the Hands of Glory Band at The Klein, Bridgeport, CT; July 11, 2014)
07. Andrew Bird Commentary #4
08. Jackson Bedmaker
(Live at Jackson Hole Center for the Arts, Jackson Hole, WY; August 18, 2012)
09. Andrew Bird Commentary #5
10. Capsized—Sound City Version
(May 25, 2015)


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