The Chemical Brothers unveil new video for “C h e m i c a l” — watch

A fun clip that calls to mind '90s-era Sesame Street

The Chemical Brothers returned last week with a funky new single called “C h e m i c a l”, their release since 2015’s Born in the Echoes. Today, the electronic duo of Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons has unveiled its corresponding music video, and it will have fans nostalgic for ’90s-era Sesame Street.

Inspired by vintage children’s programming, the clip features glowing, electric creatures that spell out the group’s name, letter by letter. “Characters were filmed with a Kinnect Camera – equipment usually used for motion scanning in computer games – and then twisted into holographic, neon ravers,” explains a press release. Longtime collaborators Adam Smith and Marcus Lyall are at the helm of the project; they previously served as creative directors for the band’s recent world tour.

Watch the fun “C h e m i c a l” visual up above.



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