Trump’s America will be hilariously horrifying, according to Neill Blomkamp’s crazy visions

The District 9 filmmaker mocks up Air Force One and the presidential motorcade

As the nation continues to freak out about the impending presidency of Donald Trump, director Neill Blomkamp has kept himself busy by building upon our nightmares. The District 9 filmmaker has taken old presidential footage and reimagined what they might look like when the son of a bitch takes office next January.

So far, he’s mocked up Air Force One and Trump’s motorcade, making both look as gaudy, kitschy, and over-the-top as he presents himself every day. The former sports gun turrets and what appears to be a greenhouse while the latter looks like a golden chariot — as if he’s Nero or something. Not too far off, sadly.

Take a look at both above and below and then pray we a.) don’t see this become a reality and b.) Blomkamp gets something better to do like, say, that fifth Alien film he’s been jonesing to make. Sigourney Weaver is game, Michael Biehn is game, Ridley Scott is pretty much done with Alien: Covenant. What’s the hold up?


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