Wes Anderson unveils short film starring Adrien Brody — watch

Made in collaboration with H&M, Come Together stars Brody as a mustachioed train conductor named Ralph

Wes Anderson is no stranger to commercials. He’s worked with Hyundai, American Express, Prada, IKEA, Stella Artois, and the list goes on. This year, Swedish multinational clothing-retail company H&M snagged the acclaimed auteur for their seasonal shopping spree and they even bagged Adrien Brody in the process.

In this new three-minute clip, titled “Come Together,” Brody plays a mustachioed train conductor named Ralph, whose train is re-routed, causing hellish delays for his Christmas Day passengers. But this is Anderson’s world, and Ralph naturally has some tricks up his sleeve to save the holiday and it involves a little John Lennon.

Watch above and if you’re feeling achingly nostalgic for a little more Anderson, well, revisit our recent ranking of his ever-evolving rogues gallery of celebrated heroes and villains. It’s one of our favorite lists from this past year and we’re bound to update it as Anderson continues to expand his exciting filmography.


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