“Who is Taylor Swift voting for?” is currently the most searched result on Google

That's one way to make a decision

Taylor Swift

It’s Election Day. So, hopefully all those prospective voters out there have done their research on the issues, figured out who most aligns with the direction they want to see America head in and planned their vote accordingly. But barring that, you can always go with “whatever Taylor Swift did.”

While “Who is Taylor Swift voting for?” isn’t the top search on Google Trends related to the elections, it is the top ask among “Who X cast a ballot for” queries. The “Shake It Off” singer is followed by Monica Lewinsky, George Bush, Al Gore and Mitt Romney.

The actual most-searched query will give you a little more hope in your fellow Americans, if only slightly. “Who is on my ballot?” is the top-searched question, followed by “Where do I vote?” “What time do polls open?”, “What time will the president be announced?” and “What do I need to bring to vote?”

As for the actual candidates’ they’re currently neck-and-neck in searches, as should be expected from such a close race. If you feel like panicking every few minutes, check out this real-time “Electionland Trends” map created by Google. It shows what people are searching in the U.S. and where, noting spikes in search traffic in different cities.


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