Ace Frehley is open to KISS reunion: “If it was handled correctly, it could be great”

Recent rumors suggest Frehley will rejoin the band for 2017 tour

The original members of KISS may have yet to play their final show. Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss opted against an on-stage reunion during their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014, but recent rumors suggest the foursome could get back together and tour next year.

In September, heavy metal savant Eddie Trunk reported that KISS planned to ask Frehley to rejoin the band. “I’m hearing from so many people. They keep saying, ‘They’re going to ask him back, he’s going to do one last tour with them in 2017.” During the latest episode of his Trunk Nation radio program, Trunk asked Frehley about the rumors, and while Frehley said that he’s yet to be contacted, he’s definitely interested.

“I’m not ruling it out. It’s a possibility, I guess,” Frehely said, adding that “the ball’s in Paul [Stanley] and Gene’s [Simmons] court. If that’s something that they would like to do to end off the career of KISS, I think it could be… if it was handled correctly, it could be great.”

Frehley first quit KISS in 1982 after clashing with his bandmates over their musical direction. He also battled an addiction to drugs and alcohol. He briefly reunited with the band in 1996 for a successful reunion tour, but hasn’t appeared on stage with them ever since.

The 65-year-old guitarist told Trunk that he is now 10 years sober and on good terms with his former bandmates. “However the press colors the fact that we don’t get along, in reality we do,” he explained. “You know, we have disagreements and things are said sometimes, taken out of context. But I’ve always been friends with those guys and they’ve been friends with me.”


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