Andrea Bocelli will perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony

America's Got Talent runner-up Jackie Evancho will sing the National Anthem

Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump’s inauguration committee has struggled to find musicians willing to perform during his January 20th swear-in ceremony. According to a recent report, the committee is so desperate for A-list stars like Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars that it’s willing to break precedent and pay their normal artist fees, which are usually in the six to seven figures. Even still, at the time the shortlist was limited to Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, and Garth Brooks.

Well, now a new update from TMZ details the inauguration committee has secured two performers, one more well known than the other. Italian operatic pop singer Andrea Bocelli is confirmed for one or two songs, while America’s Got Talent runner-up Jackie Evancho is slated to sing the National Anthem. Evancho’s mother also told TMZ there maybe be a possible duet between the two classical crossover singers.

16-year-old Evancho has plenty of experience performing in the spotlight. She’s performed for President Obama twice and also sang with Bocelli last year in Italy. Interestingly enough, she also performed at a charity event attended by Trump when she was 11 — how far both former reality stars have come.

There’s no word on whether Trump asked Kanye West to perform at the ceremony during their meeting yesterday, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the subject was brought up because far stranger things have happened in 2016 — like the outcome of the election in the first place.


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