Aphex Twin releases surprise 12-inch vinyl at Day For Night Festival

To coincide with Richard D. James' first US performance in eight years

This evening, Aphex Twin will take the stage for his first US performance in eight years at Houston’s Day For Night Festival. The performance in itself is a pretty big deal, but he’s given festival attendees even more reason to be excited: a surprise 12-inch vinyl is being sold exclusively at Day For Night.

The sleeve of the 12-inch is completely blank. The vinyl is white and imprinted with the logos of Aphex Twin, Warp Records, and Day For Night. It appears to contain two tracks, but its exact contents remain unclear.

Our staffers are on the ground at Day For Night and have the vinyl in hand. We hope to have more details shortly.

Update: You can listen to an audio rip of the two tracks here.

In 2014, Aphex Twin returned with his first full-length LP in 13 years, Syro, which he followed up earlier this year with the Cheetah EP.


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