Update: Video allegedly shows cell phone exploding in Cee-Lo Green’s hand

Surveillance footage captured the harrowing incident

Samsung was forced to recall and discontinue production of its Galaxy Note 7 after numerous reported cases of the phone overheating and even exploding. Cee-Lo Green knows of its danger firsthand, as he was nearly killed after his phone exploded while he was talking on it. Surveillance footage of the harrowing incident surfaced online Saturday morning. Following the explosion, Cee-Lo is seen laying motionless on the floor.

It’s worth noting that in the era of fake news, it’s certainly possible the whole thing is a hoax or merely a publicity stunt for his new album. As there are no timestamps on the video, it’s unclear when exactly the incident took place, and the musician has yet to publicly comment on it.

Editor’s Note: As the veracity of the video is in question, we’ve changed the title of the article.

Update – 10:40 p.m. CT: Cee-Lo has revealed that the video was staged as part of an upcoming project.


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