Future shares video for new single “Buy Love” — watch

An autotuned ballad with a retro visual

Future just released a new track called “Buy Love”, and everything about it feels notably different from the rest of the Atlanta rapper’s repertoire. For one, it’s essentially a ballad, built on what sounds like a child’s music box version of the twinkling notes from Nelly’s “Dilemma”. Future also sings more than he raps, his voice completely drowned in autotune, with sweet little couplets like, “Sexual chemistry, we don’t show no sympathy/ I want you spiritually, but I need you most mentally.” Even the video brings something off brand to the table, as it’s a grainy, low budget affair consisting of shots of Future doing everyday things like riding in the backseat of a car and fanning out money.

Check out “Buy Love” up above. The track follows a number of other recent singles, including “Ain’t Tryin” and “Poppin Tags”, as well as Future’s latest Drake collaboration “Used to This”.


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