Go Robot: Mark Zuckerberg programmed his smart house to play Red Hot Chili Peppers

Facebook founder's "simple AI" satisfies his dark necessities

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg recently built a “simple artificial intelligence” to take care of household tasks such as turning off the lights in his bedroom, using facial recognition to automatically open the door for his friends, and shooting him a fresh t-shirt out of a specially rigged cannon. You know, just basic, normal things that every non-billionaire can relate to. Zuckerberg wrote an interesting blog post that walks readers through the challenges he encountered while building the AI, which he’s named Jarvis in honor of Tony Stark’s similar creation in Iron Man (no word as to whether Paul Bettany has agreed to voice the new bot).

One of the more mundane tasks Zuckerberg programmed Jarvis to do involves controlling the music throughout his house, but there’s nothing mundane about the soundtrack Zuck’s been rocking out to. As New York writer Brian Feldman noted on Twitter, a screenshot embedded in the blog post shows that Jarvis has been pumping out a steady stream of funkalicious riffs courtesy of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

As Zuckerberg notes, programming an AI to play the right kind of music is a complex challenge. “At this point, I mostly just ask Jarvis to ‘play me some music’ and by looking at my past listening patterns, it mostly nails something I’d want to hear,” Zuckerberg writes. Judging from that screenshot, Jarvis is quickly learning that Anthony Kiedis and co. are a good bet to satisfy his master’s dark necessities.

Update: Courtesy of Fast Company, we now have video of Zuckerberg grooving out at home.


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