Matthew E. White and Flo Morrissey get funky on their cover of “Grease” — listen

A second look at their upcoming joint album

Gentlewoman, Ruby Man is the upcoming collaborative covers album from CoSigned indie rocker Matthew E. White and UK singer-songwriter Flo Morrissey. Due out early next year, the 10-track collection features new takes on originals by Leonard Cohen, Velvet Underground, Frank Ocean, the Bee Gees, and James Blake.

Last month, White and Morrissey browsed through the Woodsist Records catalog to tackle Little Wings’ “Look At What The Light Did”. Now, the two musicians are prepped to hit the disco with their rendition of “Grease”. Oozing seduction and a kind of nonchalant sexiness, it’s an irresistible reimagining of the Barry Gibb-penned classic. I know it’s a cover and all, but would *love* to see a music video for this.

Check it out below.

Gentlewoman arrives in stores on January 13th.

Gentlewoman, Ruby Man Tracklist:
01. Look At What The Light Did (Little Wings cover)
02. Thinking ‘Bout You (Frank Ocean cover)
03. Looking For You (Nino Ferrer cover)
04. Colour of Anything (James Blake cover)
05. Everybody Loves the Sunshine (Roy Ayers cover)
06. Grease (Bee Gees cover)
07. Suzanne (Leonard Cohen cover)
08. Sunday Morning (Velvet Underground cover)
09. Heaven Can Wait (Charlotte Gainsbourg cover)
10. Govindam (George Harrison cover)


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