New Hampshire’s Rick Rude shout into the darkness on new single “Shroud and Shell” — listen

Indie rockers will release their new album, Make Mine Tuesday, next month

When it comes to the indie music scene of New England, most recognizable bands tend to come out of Massachusetts. There’s a legacy from Dinosaur Jr. up to Speedy Ortiz, all coming out of The Bay State. But head a few miles north into New Hampshire, and you’ll find more than just cheaper booze and the world’s largest indoor arcade. The quiet city of Dover plays home to Rick Rude, an indie rock four-piece that’s set to come screaming out of the woods with their sophomore album, Make Mine Tuesday.

Rick Rude craft the sort of songs that mix dreamy thrashing with bellowing lethargy in a way that so well fits the soundscape of the region they call home. “Shroud and Shell”, for example, enters with the sort of pretty melancholy one might feel as they shuffle through fallen leaves along a wooded path. Right around the halfway mark, however, it tears open with shredding guitars and a gang of voices calling out from the darkness.

“‘Shroud and Shell’ is a proclamation from a lifetime nyctophobic,” the band tells Consequence of Sound of their new single. “I’ve been living in a carriage house in Eliot, Maine with a big backyard, hosting many seen and unseen creatures. It also had its own grave plot, housing the Goodwin and Hanscom families. We all had opportunities to enjoy the space but being out there alone at night inspired both irrational fear and a set of three verses, imagining all the worst case scenarios.”

Take a listen to “Shroud and Shell” below.

Make Mine Tuesday is out January 20th on Sophomore Lounge and Tiny Radars Records.


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