New Jersey outfit Ruby Bones rebels against complacency on new song “Heart of Darkness” — listen

Their debut LP drops in the spring

Photo via Ruby Bones

Winter descends and we’re all getting older, colder, and so, so comfortable beneath all these blankets. Ruby Bones, a three-piece indie outfit out of New Jersey, hopes to change that, to rile and reinvigorate, even if only for the two-and-a-half minutes that comprise “Heart of Darkness”.

Ruby Bones describes itself as “Bruce Springsteen on cocaine after a few drags off a helium balloon,” which is a pretty apt summation of their brand of tight, frantic indie rock. Frontman Chris Nova cut his teeth writing folk songs, but he began reinterpreting them as rock anthems after hooking up with bassist FC Spies and drummer James Janocha (formerly of Twin Berlin).  

The first single from their forthcoming debut album, “Heart of Darkness” is furious and shadowy, propelled by a rousing chorus that evokes early Walkmen. Nova says of the song, “‘Heart of Darkness’ is a commentary on watching friends get older and begin to socially stagnate. Overwhelmed by life, we escape and fade into never ending streams, screens, and weekend vices. Our goals fall away and complacency slowly sets in. It might just be a part of hitting adulthood, but at the moment it makes me uncomfortable and this song is a slight rebellion against it. Hopefully it works.”

Listen to “Heart of Darkness” below and keep an eye out for their debut full-length, which drops in spring 2017.


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