Petulant man-child Donald Trump believes Saturday Night Live is going to be canceled

President-elect also called the NBC program "terrible" -- despite happily hosting an episode last fall

Donald Trump’s war against Saturday Night Live isn’t just reserved for the weekends. During an interview on the Today show this morning, the president-elect called the NBC sketch program “terrible” and speculated that it wouldn’t be on the air for much longer. “Frankly, the way the show is going now…who knows how long that show is going to be on?” said Trump, who was recently named TIME’s Person of the Year.

For someone who is about to hold the most powerful position in the world in less than two months, one would think Trump has better things to do than engage in such pettiness. (He did recently retweet a 16-year-old, though, so who knows anymore, right America?) His criticism of the Emmy-winning show is especially dumbfounding considering the businessman-turned-politician proudly hosted an episode just a little over 12 months ago. But then again, as we’ve all come to see this past election year, hypocrisy is cool, truth is nothing but a social construct, and all it takes is a little Alec Baldwin satire to throw the alleged sexual predator off his game.

Below, revisit that time Trump happily hosted the “terrible,” “unwatchable,” and “sad” SNL.



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