Piers Morgan suggests Lady Gaga is lying about her sexual assault

Outspoken TV personality questions whether a rape victim can suffer from PTSD

In yet another instance of a powerful white man publicly deciding how a woman should feel after she’s been raped, Piers Morgan has called out Lady Gaga for saying she suffers from PTSD after being sexually assaulted when she was 19.

She revealed as much during a pre-taped appearance on Today last week, then tweeted the following after the segment aired:

Yesterday, Lady Gaga also used her account to thank Madonna, who openly discussed her own sexual assault, which also happened at the age of 19, when she accepted Woman Of the Year award at Billboard’s Women in Music event last Friday. Madonna previously wrote about the knifepoint rape in an essay back in 2013.

Because it’s absolutely his place, Morgan decided it was time for him to pipe in and, drawing upon his no-doubt deep, studied knowledge of mental health, let the ladies know that, sorry ‘bout it, only soldiers can suffer from PTSD.

Remarkably, Lady Gaga’s responses were measured and empathetic, and she even offered to discuss the topic in person.

Which led Morgan to invite Lady Gaga onto his show so they could address his “sceptism.”

Morgan, ever the troll, couldn’t resist a crack about one of Lady Gaga’s stunt outfits from several years back. She…wasn’t amused.

This could go two ways: Morgan, douche that he is, could spend the interview trying to make Lady Gaga “prove” the realities of her illness, or it could offer Lady Gaga a platform for expounding upon the issue and sharing her own personal experience. Fingers crossed.


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