Readers’ Poll 2016

It's time to hear your top picks for The Year of Death

Hold the bubbly, we’re only halfway through our 2016 Annual Report.

Over the last two weeks, we’ve kept ourselves prettay, prettay, prettay busy unveiling this year’s Top 50 Albums, Top 50 Songs, Top 10 Metal Albums, Worst Pop Lyrics, Top Late Night Performances, Top Live Acts, and Top 10 Punk Songs.

Don’t you know, there’s plenty more to come, including our picks for Band, Artist, Rookie, Festival, Comedian, Performance, Filmmaker, and Composer of the Year. What’s more, we’ll be unveiling our respective lists for film and TV.

Still, we can’t forget about our beloved and ever-friendly readers. Unlike what our president-elect thinks, your opinion is very important to us, especially as we head into 2017 with new music, films, and television shows to cover.

So, using the form below, please submit your own ballots for the best in music, film, and television this year. We’ll share the results in January; that way you can all eat each other’s heads off like the cast of The Walking Dead.


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