Red Hot Chili Peppers get animated by Beth Jeans Houghton in “Sick Love” video — watch

Surrealistically literal interpretation of the The Getaway track's lyrics

Thing get a bit surreal in the new video for Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Sick Love”. Singer-songwriter Beth Jeans Houghton animated and directed the clip, which sees the The Getaway track’s lyrics translated in bizarrely literal fashion. For example, when Anthony Kiedis sings, “Your heart is stronger than your head,” a woman with a heart for a head walks down the street. “Sick love come to wash us away,” finds someone brushing their teeth until they fall from their mouth.

It’s not always so direct, of course, as somehow one refrain of the chorus is sung over a scene of Kiedis getting intimate with a giant spider before it rips off his head. I mean, we always knew Houghton was a strange bird. Check out the clip above.

The Peppers recently expanded their 2017 tour dates through summer, and you can find their complete itinerary here.


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