Run the Jewels, Laura Marling, and Julien Baker Highlight Our Top Songs of the Week (12/2)

Will any of these sneak onto our upcoming top songs of 2016 list? Stay tuned

It’s only been a few days since we released our list of the Top 50 Albums of 2016, and the music world just keeps on rolling. That’s right, this week alone there were 10 rad new songs released that may just make it onto our list of the top songs of the year, coming your way shortly. Until then, brush up on the year’s best albums and get to preparing your own lists — hopefully these songs will inspire you!


10. Alex Wiley feat. Jay Prince – “Still Calling”

Alex Wiley

Chicago rapper Alex Wiley relocated to the west coast and, by the sound of it, found himself a new home that’s easy to sprawl in. “Still Calling” sees him walking across a track of deep, slurring beats reminiscent of King Krule’s low-swinging trip-hop LP from last year. It’s a cloud of drug depth, the type of drawl that stretches on forever just as you hope it will. Instead of getting lost in the song’s smokey haze, he flags his hand in the air, letting his verse challenge guest Jay Prince to step up his game. Wiley may have softened his delivery, but he keeps his words sharpened, opting to reel back word count in favor of punch. It’s a welcome introduction to Village Party III: Stoner Symphony, his upcoming album out January 18th, and a reminder that location doesn’t just define someone; it helps push them forward. –Nina Corcoran



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