Ryan Adams sits down for a hard-hitting interview with Lil Bub — watch

Plus, he writes and performs a new song on the spot

Feature photo via YouTube

Ryan Adams announced his next LP Prisoner just yesterday, but he’s already making the rounds in promotion of the new album. Today a clip was released of his appearance on Lil BUB’s Big SHOW, hosted by one of America’s most popular internet sensations. The surprisingly polished YouTube web series is filmed late night show style, complete with a tiny set for the perma-kitten.

Bub “interviewed” Adams for eight minutes and touched on topics including some of the alt-country singer’s favorite things, his cats, and the meaning behind the album title: “I was reflecting on the different states of desire and what it means to be a prisoner of your own desire.”

And like any other late night show, there was also a music performance. Bub had Adams write him a poem about “space, time travel, telepathy, telekinesis, and crystals,” among other things, and then perform it on the spot.

Watch the full clip above for the full performance (it starts around 5:12) and to learn about Adams’ first golfing experience.


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