Serengeti & Sicker Man try to “Impress a Girl” on new track — listen

From the Chicago rapper and Berlin orchestral pop musician's collaborative album Doctor My Own Patience

Serengeti is perhaps not as well known as his fellow Chicago MCs, but the alternative rapper may be even more prolific. Not only has he put out over a dozen albums on his own since coming onto the scene in 2003, but he’s found himself collaborating with a number of other artist like Hi-Fidel, Odd Nosdam, Yoni Wolf, and Son Lux and Sufjan Stevens as Sisyphus.

One of his most frequent collaborators is a Berlin musician known as Sicker Man. On 2013’s Saal, Sicker Man was the sole producer, while on 2011’s Shtaad, the pair were a true duo. Now, they’re set to return on December 16th with their next joint venture, Doctor My Own Patience, under the simple and direct moniker of Serengeti & Sicker Man.

As will Saal, the effort sees Serengeti stretching his vocal pipes beyond rapping, stepping into the booth to sing more than spit. The album’s latest single, the moody “Impress a Girl”, shows a result that leans towards a more orchestral and — dare I say — cheery Majical Cloudz. Much of the song is built on a buzzing drone as Serengeti sings of all the ways he’s tried to do as the title says (“Clip my nails/ Took a bath again/ Put on oils/ Pierce my ears”). The final third of the track, however, breaks out into a sort of nervous dancehall, something closer to the alternative pop stylings of Sicker Man’s solo work.

Take a listen below, and pre-order Doctor My Own Patience from Graveface Records here.


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