Slime Girls captures the spirit of childhood in music video single “Meteor Showers” — watch

Pedro Silva's fast, frenetic tune evokes a sense of supernatural adventure

The electronic artist and multi-instrumentalist Pedro Silva hails from a small town in Northern California, but you’d never guess that by listening to his project Slime Girls. Silva orients his music towards the cosmos, smashing together styles of all kinds — some loud and harsh, others tranquil and subdued — to arrive at his own offbeat notion of the sublime. Slime Girls’ new single “Meteor Showers” is a blast of synths and straightforward guitar hooks that definitely falls on the more intense side of the spectrum. Silva has described his project as “an eternal love letter to an endless summer,” and the fast, frenetic, euphoric “Meteor Showers” might be the closest he’s ever come to realizing that.

“This is the first original song I’ve sang on that’s been recorded, but anybody that’s seen us live has heard me sing plenty on covers and live versions of existing songs of mine that have vocals,” Silva explains. “I wouldn’t say there’s really too much to it, I wanted to write a fast Mass of the Fermenting Dregs-ish song evoking some ‘summers as a kid’ sense of supernatural adventure, and that’s what I did.”

Slime Girls is releasing the song as the fifth single in File Under: Music’s One Song at a Time music video singles series. A twist on the traditional singles club, the series allows the label to work with artists they admire on previously unreleased songs outside the constrains of a full album release. For the video, which you can watch above, director Matt Leaf attempted to capture the spirit of childhood memories and play with how they evolve over time. Are our youths really how they appear in old photographs, or are their meanings and realities constantly shifting as we grow older?

Take a listen up top.

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