The Muppets return with first Pigs in Space sketch in 20 years — watch

Classic Muppet Show sketch is revived as new web series

The Muppets tried and failed to make a comeback with a prime-time ABC television series that was canceled after just one season earlier this year. But that doesn’t mean Kermit and the gang are going back in their boxes. (I don’t know; where does one keep Muppets when they’re not filming?) Jim Henson’s creations are still active on their YouTube channel, and they’ve just relaunched one of the classic sketches from The Muppets Show.

“Pigs in Space” is a parody of science-fiction TV shows from the ’60s and ’70s like the original Star Trek and Lost in Space that sees Miss Piggy and the intrepid crew of the Swinetrek seeking adventure throughout the cosmos. There hasn’t been a new entry in the series in two decades, but that’s changed since a new episode entitled “Look Who’s Coming to Dinner” transported onto YouTube. The three-minute video manages to poke fun at both Alien and US immigration policy, and is full of all the endearingly bad puns that you remember from the iconic variety show.

Check out the video above.


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