This interview with Jerry Lewis is a cringeworthy nightmare — watch

90-year-old comedian goes scorched-earth on a hapless reporter

Holy hell. We at Consequence of Sound have suffered through our share of awkward interviews, but even we were reduced to cringing puddles by the carnage 90-year-old comedian Jerry Lewis just inflicted on a poor soul from The Hollywood Reporter.

If you have a spare seven minutes to suffer through what can only be described as a nightmare, check out what happened when a reporter attempted to engage the famously curmudgeonly comedian in something resembling a conversation. The interview was supposed to be part of a series in which THR interviewed 10 nonagenarians in the entertainment industry about how they still manage to find success at the late age of 90. What it turned into was a tense back-and-forth between two people who clearly didn’t want to be in the same room. Watch below, if you have the stomach for it.


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