Broad City release hilarious anti-Trump skit on Inauguration Day — watch

“Dude, Pence, he’s like a fucking wooden doll from the ’50s.”

Four and three and two and one, one: Broad City is back. Well, sort of.

In celebration of our country’s ensuing downward spiral, Comedy Central has released a special Hack Into Broad City webisode, which captures the whereabouts of stars Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer on Inauguration Day.

Once again, Abbi has found herself in another precarious situation — she’s stuck in an elevator mere minutes before Donald J. Trump is sworn in as POTUS — and must rely on Ilana’s bizarre wits to keep her sane. Oh Abbi!

Eventually, they offer their own two cents on the nightmare that’s about to happen for the next four years: “Fuckin’ braggin’ about sexual assault motherfucker,” Ilana screams, as Abbi argues: “We’re gonna have to wear cups now.”

Watch above and take comfort in knowing one the best series on TV will return this August.


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