Bryan Cranston and Jessica Biel turn Kanye West lyrics into a soap opera on James Corden — watch

Giovanni Ribisi also appears, and Cranston has some trouble differentiating Drake from Kanye

Kanye West is no stranger to drama, whether in his real life or his lyrics. That made him a perfect candidate for the latest installment of The Bold and the Lyrical on the Late Late Show with James Corden. 

The recurring segment turns a musician’s lyrics into dialogue for a soap opera, and thus James Corden and his guests used West’s words as the script for a disastrous wedding ceremony. Bryan Cranston and Jessica Biel played a seemingly happy couple about to be wed; “Diamonds are forever,” said Biel. “Forever ever?” Cranston asked. “Forever ever?” Suddenly, Corden himself stumbled in, drunkenly reaching out a hand to Biel as he declared, “Baby, I got a plan; run away fast as you can.” The plot then really went to hell for the poor bride to be when Giovanni Ribisi burst onto the scene asking, “Baby, do you think about me now and then? ‘Cause I’m coming home again.”

It all played out pretty hysterically (and occasionally cringeworthy) from there, though there were a few stumbles when Cranston tried to use the infamous, “I made that bitch famous” line and later confused Kanye with Drake. Watch how the drama/comedy unfolds above.


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