Netflix releases teaser trailers for Santa Clarita Diet, a cannibal-themed comedy starring Drew Barrymore — watch

The series premieres on February 3rd

Cannibalism’s all the rage right now, what with Cannes favorite Raw causing multiple moviegoers to pass out during screenings. And, as always, Netflix is working to stay ahead of the trends. Interestingly, however, the teaser trailers for its new series, the Drew Barrymore-starring Santa Clarita Diet, display a decidedly more humorous take on flesh eating. Check them out below:

Presented as ads, the teasers stay mum on story details, opting instead to extol the benefits of the show’s namesake diet, which seems to imply feasting on human flesh will help you keep a slim figure. Barrymore is the supposed cannibal while her husband, played by Timothy Olyphant, is her reluctant advocate.

Barrymore hasn’t subverted her pristine, rom com-ready image in a while, and Olyphant is mostly known for playing tight-lipped authority figures, so consider us optimistic about the show’s potential.

Netflix will debut the series on February 3rd.


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