Twin Peaks reportedly has a premiere date, rumored to appear first at Sundance

This year's Spring Break may take place in the Pacific Northwest

Well, it’s 2017, which means Twin Peaks can return at any time. And since Showtime and David Lynch have been playing coy for this past year, nobody has the slightest idea when the highly anticipated reboot of the cult classic series will finally bow.

However, details are starting to surface and the owls are watching closely. According to Deadline, “conversations are ongoing” for some sort of Twin Peaks event at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, which could include a secret screening of the new series.

That report would jive with the festival’s storied history of surprise screenings and wouldn’t you know that there’s a block already slotted on Monday, January 23rd at midnight. Could this be reserved for Lynch’s big comeback? We’ll have to wait and see.

Update: According to co-creator Mark Frost, the Sundance rumors are not true.

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As for the actual premiere date, here’s some more good news: Welcome to Twin Peaks reports that a Showtime promotional calendar (see above) has arrived at various cable companies with the titular sign plopped down on Sunday, April 30th.

Considering Homeland wraps up its forthcoming season prior to this date, the transition would make some sense. What’s more, it would go hand in hand with all the teasing from cast members, who insist it’s happening “sooner than you think.”

In the meantime, let’s watch Lynch eat that donut again…


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