Buke and Gase share frenetic cover of PJ Harvey’s “Dress” — listen

Brooklyn indie rock duo contribute to Our First 100 Days compilation

Brooklyn duo Buke and Gase are the latest participants in the benefit series Our First 100 Days. For their contribution, the indie rock band ambitiously takes on PJ Harvey’s debut single, “Dress.”

While Arone Dyer and Aron Sanchez’s reworking mostly stays faithful to the original, their namesake buke (baritone ukulele) and gase (guitar-bass hybrid) instruments allow the cover to stand on its own. Dyer’s sneering vocals also give the song an even more aggressive feel. Take a listen below.

Buke and Gase are playing residency dates at Union Pool in Brooklyn, New York starting next month. The band has also recently confirmed via Twitter that they’re working on new music.


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