Chance the Rapper bought out an entire theater so people could see Get Out for free

Chicago favorite continues being awesome by showing love to Jordan Peele’s film

Chance the Rapper photo by Philip Cosores

Chance the Rapper loves to provide his fellow Chicagoans the opportunity to do awesome things, whether it’s by holding Open Mike events or throwing his very own festival. So after seeing Jordan Peele’s excellent Get Out for himself, he wanted to make sure everyone else in Chicago had a chance to do so as well. And for free.

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Early in the day, Chance Tweeted out his appreciation for the horror/comedy, saying, “DID I NOT TELL YALL #GETOUT WAS INCREDIBLE!! BEST FILM ACROSS ANY GENRE IN AWHILE GO SEE IT TODAY!” Then he went ahead and made it easy for people to do just that by buying every ticket to every screening of the movie all day at a theater on Chicago’s South Side. Fans simply had to show up with an ID proving their age and they were granted a free ticket to the film.

What’s more, Chance just announced that his next Open Mike event will be going down tomorrow, February 27th, at Harold Washington Library Center. It’s official: Chancelor Johnathan Bennett is pretty much the best.


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