Gold Star let’s you know “It Ain’t Easy” on new song — listen

A new listen to the Los Angeles Americana musician's forthcoming sophomore album, Big Blue

There are those of us simply cannot sit still, the type of person who must always be doing. Others might be jealous of these constant achievers, wishing they themselves could be equally motivated. But the grass is always greener, and those movers can be just as envious of the serenity of stillness. It’s that perfect balance that’s so hard to find, and one Los Angeles singer-songwriter Gold Star seeks on his new song “It Ain’t Easy”.

“Aspects of the song were written reflecting on my friendship with the painter and founder of The Underground Museum, Noah Davis, who died in 2015,” Gold Star, aka Marlon Rabenreither, tells Consequence of Sound. “He always worked at a frenzied pace and was constantly moving, he tried to teach me not to take things for granted. I don’t know if I would still be doing what I’m doing now if I had not met him, but I don’t think this record could have been created without him.”

Unlike Davis, “It Ain’t Easy” embraces a slow burning pace that slides along a Hammond organ like a damp fuse. There’s a veiled sorrow in every note, even the kicking drums that trip over moaning guitars. It’s the sound of someone worried about the direction they’re taking but unable to switch gears. Take a listen below.

The track comes from Gold Star’s forthcoming sophomore album, Big Blue, out March 24th via Autumn Tone Records. Gold Star will support the release with a number of upcoming dates at South by Southwest, and you can find his schedule below.

Gold Star 2017 Tour Dates:
02/27 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Bootleg Theatre
03/15 – Austin, Texas @ South by Southwest
03/16 – Austin, Texas @ South by Southwest
03/17 – Austin, Texas @ South by Southwest
03/18 – Austin, Texas @ South by Southwest


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