Jay Som takes a gondola lift ride in video for new track “Baybee” — watch

A bright bit of reverence from her forthcoming Everybody Works

Multi-instrumentalist Melina Duterte may be one of the artist working to save guitar-based rock music, but not everything she produces as Jay Som is a blistering indie track. Compared to the ringing hooks on “The Bus Song” and the fuzzy jam “1 Billion Dogs”, the Bay Area musician’s new song, “Baybee”, is downright smooth.

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The latest single from her forthcoming Everybody Works full-length, “Baybee” is a shimmering bit of bedroom pop. A head-swiveling melody coupled with Duterte’s tender voice gives the track a romantic feel that equates to cuddling on the couch in dim light, bobbing along to a sweet song from the stereo. Lyrically, however, the track highlights the emotional sacrifices we often make for our lovers. “If I leave you alone when you don’t feel right/ I know we’ll sink for sure,” Duterte sings on the chorus. “I’ll play your game once more/ If you don’t feel right.”

You can listen to the track via the above video, which finds Jay Som and two fuzzy-hatted dancers taking a ride on a gondola ski lift.

Everybody Works is out March 10th via Polyvinyl/Double Denim.


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