Melissa McCarthy returns as Sean Spicer for SNL cold opening — watch

McCarthy mocks the administration's recent missteps, including faux terror attacks, Kellyanne Conway's illegal promotion of Ivanka Trump's clothing line, and Spicer's own sanity

Never one to pass up the opportunity to get under Donald Trump’s skin, Saturday Night Live brought back Melissa McCarthy to portray Sean Spicer for tonight’s cold opening. McCarthy’s initial caricature was well received across the board — by everyone except the President himself, who reportedly considered firing Spicer in the wake of the sketch. It’s unlikely Trump will be any less pissed about tonight’s sketch, as McCarthy took aim at the administration’s recent missteps, including faux terror attacks, Kellyanne Conway’s illegal promotion of Ivanka Trump’s clothing line, and Spicer’s own sanity. Kate McKinnon also debuted her take on Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Watch the sketch above.


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